The Team

The Ghouls Allowed Team


The ever youthful Lynn lives in Stansted and has been working at the airport for about 12 years. Lynn loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as meeting new people. Because of this, her love of history and obsession with ghost hunting, Lynn decided to setup Ghouls Allowed, merging everything she loves to do!


Laura is 33, married and loves to learn new things. She enjoys interacting with people and really getting to know them. Laura has always believed in the paranormal but has recently got  more involved with actively investigating. Outside of the paranormal, Laura has lots of hobbies including dance, clubbercise, weight lifting and is even part of a walking group!


Michael is a 33 year old manager at Tesco phone shop. Living in Hertford Heath with his wife and no kids (yet!), Michael is very much into the paranormal world. That’s when he’s not playing horror games, watching horror movies or just hanging out with friends.


Holly is 24 years and lives in Great Dunmow. She currently work as manager of a phoneshop. Which she really enjoys! Her friends and family are important to her and she enjoys spending time with them. Holly loves a good horror movie and her hobbies are swimming, shopping and obviously ghost hunting! She’s always been interested in paranormal activity and has been visiting known haunted locations in her spare time.


Sophie is a 32 year old hospitality worker, living in Bishops Stortford. She’s always been interested in everything paranormal but despite her own experiences she’s still a bit sceptical, so jumped at the chance to join the team when we asked her! Sophie is looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what you can all discover at the ghost hunts across the country.


Brian might not be a believer but even he’ll admit to witnessing things he just can’t explain! He started visiting the sites purely from a historical point of interest but 13 years later still keeps doing them. Brian is Ghouls Allowed’s pre-event HSE and risk assessments inspector, keeping us all safe no matter what happens.


Sue (or Susan when she’s in trouble) has been married to the teams safety inspector,  Brian for over 34 years and has been hooked on paranormal investigations for 13 years. Sue is definatley a beliver as things have happened to her that she just can’t explain. Sue loves discovering the past history of the locations and the diversity in them almost as much as she just loves doing the investigations.